Behind the Camera

People always ask me what I like to photograph. My answer?

Life as it happens.

In my years as a professional photographer, I’ve been guided and inspired by the realization that our joy in this sweet life is to hold onto our memories. Literally.

Memories are important.  They should be stored deep in your heart and hung all over your home.  Every session, every wedding, every event that I photograph, gives me an opportunity to capture and preserve your memories of life’s amazing moments from behind the camera.  

To present to you those "time capsules"  that you may now hold in your hand, showcase in an album, view on a wall display, or touch in a select piece of jewelry, nothing makes me happier than for you to share these moments with family and friends

Weddings, newborns, senior pictures, your child’s active life, celebrations… All of this. All for you to remember.

Let's celebrate life.

Life as it happens.

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